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The Chinese provincial system was implemented by its Mongol rulers of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty in the late 13th century and then the Qing Dynasty. During the Chinese Qing Dynasty, Mongolia and Tibet or XiZang (Tibet Autonomous Region), and XinJiang (Xinjiang Autonomous Region) were tied together in the Manchus' imperial management through their mutual military and religious influence, and the military role of the Mongols in the service of the Chinese Qing empire. The Chinese Mongolian-Tibetan enterprise was central to the Qing Dynasty to maintain a delicate balance of multi-ethnic power within united China.

Soon, the Russians used force to consolidate control over Chinese Mongolia.

The British, through India, tried to consolidate its control in the Chinese Tibet.

Together, the Russian and British unseated the dependency management of the Chinese Qing Empire and undercut the Chinese historical connections of the Tibet or XiZang (Tibet Autonomous Region) , and the Mongolia.

Mongolia was a Chinese province (1691-1911), an autonomous state under Russian protection (1912-19), and again a Chinese province (1919-21). Later, taking advantage of the extreme turmoil situation in China, the Russian again interfered in Chinese Mongolia. In 1921, the Soviet troops occupied the Outer Mongolia and supported the independence of Outer Mongolian in 1924. In 1941, Russia signed neutrality pact with Japan to mutually respect each other's influence in China, i.e. Chinese Mongolia and Manchuria. In the Yalta conference, the Russian promised US to break the neutrality pact and declare war against Japan. In return, both US and Britain betrayed allied China, not only agreed to Soviet's colonial privileges in China, but also agreed to the independence of the Outer Mongolia from China as part of a secret deal behind China's back. Therefore, in 1949 the Russian forced China which had just coming to power after years Chinese Civil War, into accepting the independence of the Outer Mongolia from China in 1950.

Ironically, in reality, the independent Outer Mongolia was quite obvious an anomalous creation by the foreign powers because MAJORITY of the Mongol population actually live across the border INSIDE the current Chinese Inner Mongolia region. Today, the living standard in the Inner Mongolia is much higher than the Outer Mongolia.

British invaded the Chinese Tibet twice, i.e. in 1888 and 1903, occupied Lhasa in 1904, and forced the 13th Dalai Lama to flee. The British's intention was to separate Tibet from Chinese control. Tibetan representatives were compelled to sign the treaty but the Beijing appointed resident minister to Tibet refused to sign which made it ineffectual. Similar event also occurred in 1913, the British gave Tibet's "independence" and in return, Tibet would give 90,000 square km of land to British India, based on the McMahon Line drawn by the British. The deal failed because the central government representative again refused to sign.

Instead, British started to encourage the Tibetans to seek independence. Therefore, British suggested dividing Chinese Tibet into Outer and Inner Tibet based on the forced model of the Russian over Mongolia. However, China is determined not to make the same mistake to the Taiwan and Tibet influenced by the foreign powers behind Dalai Lama which was clearly documented in the released files in the CIA archive from the U.S. Dept. of State related to Dalai Lama and his U.S. CIA's secret war in Tibet.

In Oct 1998, Dalai Lama finally confessed that they were funded by the U.S. CIA to train and pay for guerrilla warfare against China, the Tibetan government-in-exile said in a statement. It added that the subsidy earmarked for the Dalai Lama was spent on setting up offices in Geneva and New York and on international lobbying against China.

Since 13th century during the Chinese Yuan Dynasty, the Chinese government had already directly adminstered the Tibet. China directly created the 1st Grand Lama. In 1571, Altan Khan, a descendant of the first Emperor of Chinese Yuan Dynasty Kublai Khan, received the title Shunyi Wang ("Obedient and Righteous King") from the Longqing Emperor of Chinese Ming dynasty. In 1578, Altan Khan invited Sonam Gyatso, a Tibetan monk of the Gelug (Yellow Hat) school to Mongolia. On his arrival, the Khan addressed him in Mongol by the name of Dalai Lama. Therefore, Sonam Gyatso later gave himself the title of 3rd Dalai Lama, and retrospectively gave the same title to his 2 predecessors. Since then, ALL subsequent Dalai Lamas including the current 14th Dalai Lama would have to be installed the same way in accordance with this centuries old Chinese-Tibetan administrative tradition, i.e. approved by the Chinese central government and assigned an attending Chinese minister for the enthronement ceremony.

However, due to the Lama's divine religious status and its association with the political power and wealth, Tibetan high priests often used their influence to bribe and cheat the ancient selection process of the next child to be the reincarnated Dalai Lama successor. As a result, five Dalai Lamas were either killed or murdered by their own high priests or other courtiers. Finally, to stop the endless killing and murders by the Tibetan high priests, in 1872, the Chinese Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty instituted a system of selecting the next child Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama by means of a lottery with all the names and birth years of the competing child candidates approved by the central government, written in 3 languages: Manchu, Chinese and Tibetan, on ivory slips which were then placed in a golden urn to be used in the Chinese Emperor approved lottery procedure for selecting the next successor. Thereafter, the religious rituals of living Buddha reincarnations were established and universally embraced by Tibetans for generations. It was followed as the Chinese-Tibetan administrative tradition except in the situations of which the Chinese Emperor would issue an order waiving the use of the golden urn.

On Feb 22, 1940, Tenzin Gyatso was enthroned as the current 14th Dalai Lama at the Potala Palace in a ceremony presided over by Wu Zhongxin, minister of the Commission for Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs of the Republic of China (1911-49). The nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek, ordered that he be confirmed as the reincarnated soul boy of the 13th Dalai Lama without the requirement to carrying the established method of drawing lot from the golden urn. In fact, the Chinese government even allocated 400,000 silver dollars to cover the expenses of the current 14th Dalai Lama's enthronement ceremony.

In the book "Shangri-La" is a mythical Himalayan utopia, earthly paradise guided by the lamasery of the Tibetan Buddhism.

Was Tibet the harmonious place of Shangri-La Human Rights under Dalai Lama ? :

Before 1959, Human Rights were only a dream in a serfdom and slavery society under the current 14th Dalai Lama. Most land and wealth were owned by few lamas and rich secular landlords. The MAJORITY i.e. 95 % of Tibetan population were just serfs and slaves without ANY Human Rights. Serf were under a lifetime slavery to the lord's land or the monastery's land with no pay, schooling or medical care. The condition for the serfs were even worse than the Tibetan slaves. Unlike the slaves, the serfs also had to support themselves. The overlords had no responsibility for the serfs at all. Pretty serf girls were usually taken by the owner as house servants or slaves without any Human Rights . Young boys were regularly taken and trained as monks, commonly sexually mistreated in the monasteries. The serfs were also saddled by numerous taxation items with old debts sometimes passed down from generation to generation. Serfs and slaves were told their lack of freedom and Human Rights were due to the bad karma in their previous lives. Many ran away and resisted. Once captured, the favored torture and mutilation included eye gouging, the pulling out of tongues, hamstringing, and amputation etc. The punishment law was codified in the 13th century by the Sakyapa sect, derived from the Yasa (statute-book) of Genghis Khan, like the penal system of the European Middle Ages, was extremely cruel.

For details, refer to Friendly Feudalism: the Tibet Myth.

In order to "Free Tibet", the Chinese government moved slowly at first, relying mostly on persuasion to change Tibetan's serfdom system. No aristocratic or monastic property was confiscated, and feudal lords continued to reign over their hereditarily bound serfs. However, for the rich lamas and secular lords, the Communist intervention was an unmitigated calamity. With the extensive support and funding from the U.S. , Dalai Lama and CIA staged a proxy war. However, the majority of the Tibetan serfs and slaves refused to join in and soon the US CIA proxy war failed and fled to India. Initially, India didn't want to accept Dalai Lama. So U.S. proposed to help India's nuclear technology. Therefore, In 1974, the 1st Indian A-bomb was given the cynical nickname of "smiling Buddha".

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in his article "A Dangerous Nuclear Deal With India", quoted today we have almost 30,000 nuclear weapons worldwide, of which the U.S. about 12,000, Russia 16,000, China 400, France 350, Israel 200, Britain 185, India and Pakistan 40 each.

India has long refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). So desperate to contain China, U.S. opens a Pandora's box of nuclear proliferation

Most experts estimate that Israel has between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads. In Dec 2006, Israel PM Ehud Olmert implied that Israel has nuclear weapons during an interview with German television, "Can you say that this is the same level, when they are aspiring to have nuclear weapons, as France, America, Russia and Israel ?" he said. Arab countries are now calling for UN action over Israeli Nuclear Arms.

In 2010, Israel denounced the resolution adopted at the U.N. by the Non-Proliferation Treaty's 189 nations for a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East. The fact is that all the states in the region have acceded to the NPT except Israel . UN nuclear chief asks Israel to join nuclear NPT.

Together, the U.S. , Britain, India and other Western countries continue so called "Free Tibet" movement to this day through the disguised U.S. government agency the National Endowment for Democracy NED : CIA of the 21st century, described by the NED's first acting president Allen Weinstein : "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA", which in turn supports the unmasked Reporters Without Borders. . . . . NED , AEI , FNF are behind the "Crimson Revolution" for Tibet. The Tibetans' riot in 2008 before the Beijing Olympic games could be another U.S. CIA's "Great Game". In 2016, the Japanese Asahi Shimbun has obtained documents reveal that the NED provided a total of $96.52 million to at least 103 groups in China. Of that amount, $6.25 million went to groups affiliated with Tibet and $5.56 million to groups backing the Uighur cause.

In the meantime, to paint a stereotype picture of ruthless oppression by China's government, many Western media simply distorted or fabricated the reporting of Tibetan riot : part 1 , part 2 , 3 , Canadian CTV's distortion & ruling by CBSC and Canadian Global TV's distortion & ruling by CBSC. All these had evoked a Canadian angry response , 2 and triggered the birth of a Chinese netizens' anti-CNN website. Under pressure, BBC issued its apology , N-TV and RTL-TV had to apologize . CNN was forced to respond with its CNN statement on Tibet coverage which was immediately rejected by the netizens with Statement on "CNN statement on Tibet coverage". Then, CNN Jack Cafferty said "I think they're basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years". His comment has forced CNN president to issue its 2nd formal apology to the Chinese people after the CNN's 1st apology was rejected by China.

It is an extreme irony that U.S. wanted to abolish the black African Slavery in America through US civil war , but in China , U.S. had tried its very best to preserve the Slavery and Serfdom in Tibet through U.S. proxy war.

It is another extreme irony that U.S. ensures the Separation of the Church and State in its Constitution , but in China , U.S. had tried its very best to preserve the Theocracy in Tibet through U.S. proxy war.

Again another extreme irony that U.S. regarded the secession of its Southern states as rebellion and was put down by U.S. Civil War, but in China , U.S. had tried its very best to separate Tibet from China through U.S. proxy war.

Again another extreme irony that the Alabama Claims were a series of claims for damages by the U.S. against the Britain for its assistance given to the Confederate, the 11 Southern states declared their secession from the U.S. during the American Civil War. After the War, U.S. demanded compensation from the Britain for its sale of warships to the Confederacy. The Britain settled the matter by paying the U.S. $15.5 Million for damages cuased by the warships built in Britain. But so far, U.S. has not paid one cent to China for its war assistance given to the Dalai Lama.

Again another extreme irony that U.S. proudly call it Manifest Destiny and have NO trouble with how it grabed the land of California , New Mexico and Texas from Mexico , NEVER MIND the rest of the U.S. and its sordid history with the real American : the Native Indian.

Again another extreme irony that Tibet had been a province of China for a very very long time. Tibet province was implemented by the Chinese Mongol rulers during Chinese Yuan Dynasty in the late 13th century , long before the very existence of U.S.A. and its beginning of African Slave Trade and the massacre of the real American and their culture, i.e. millions of Native Indian living throughout the entire North America, massacred by the brutal colonial crimes, wars and infectious diseases by the U.S. whites . 2. Before the whites, about 30 million Native Indian lived in N.America. In 1900, only one million survived in the U.S.

Again another extreme irony that on an Indian reserve in Nevada, a young man sports a T-shirt with "Homeland Security" emblazoned above a picture of Geronimo and a group of his Apache warriors. The caption reads "Fighting Terrorism since 1492" and the Myth of Thanksgiving . Real Americans the Natives reveal what they think.

Again another extreme irony that there is NO talk in the US mainstream media and among the Hollywood celebrity activist circuit of Hawaiian Independence Movement, or the Puerto Rican Independence Movement or the American Indian Movement or the Alaska Independence Movement or the Republic of Lakotah or the Second Vermont Republic. Most recent one : Tens of thousands across 20 states demand to secede from US.

Whatever wrongs and oppressions introduced by the Chinese government after 1959, NO one could deny the fact that Chinese government did "Free Tibet" by abolishing Tibetan Slavery and Serfdom system and restored most Human Rights, eliminated the many crushing taxes, started work projects, and greatly reduced unemployment and beggary. Expropriated the landed estates owned by lords and lamas, distributed many thousands of acres to tenant farmers and landless peasants, established secular schools, thereby breaking the educational monopoly of the monasteries. And constructed running water and electrical systems in Lhasa. Finally, Tibet transformed itself coming out from under a dark and cruel theocratic feudal serf and slave system.

Population at the time inside Tibet was only about 2 .5 million. Patrick French, the former "Free Tibet Compaign director" told the truth : "The Free Tibet Campaign in London and other groups have long claimed that 1.2 million Tibetans have been killed by the Chinese since they invaded in 1950. However, after scouring the archives in Dharamsala while researching my book on Tibet, I found that there was no evidence to support that figure". This is independently confirmed by Professor Sautman, a reseacher specialized in studying Tibetan populations , and Professor Goldstein, Co-Director of The Center for Research on Tibet. Both confirmed: "They use the figure of 1.2 million Tibetans dying from the 1950s to the 1970s, but no source for this is given. As a lawyer I give no credence to statistics for which there is no data, no visible basis" for the genocide. The same conclusion that the accusation does not stand on any basis, has been reached by almost all academic scholars and many pro-Tibet advocaters.

Barry Sautman, Associate Professor of Social Science at the Hong Kong University said, "In fact the state sponsored transfer to Tibet is on a small scale.... Most people serve only 3 years and then return to China. Those who move on their own to the Tibet Autonomous Region usually return to China in a few years.... These facts are supported by Australian and U.S. demographers. Claims of [Han] ethnic swamping in Tibet are misleading...." and greatly exaggerated by the Tibetan exiles. If fact, the same thing happens in all other countries when people move around due to economic developments. It is just as many Tibetans move outside to other neighbouring provinces for the economic opportunities.

The Chinese authorities admit their "mistakes" particularly during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution when the persecution of religious beliefs occurred in the entire China, NOT just in Tibet, even the Confucious temples and tombs were destroyed. Since then, many monasteries have been restored. As of 2007, Tibetan Buddhism was still practiced widely and tolerated by officialdom. Religious pilgrimages and other standard forms of worship were allowed but within limits. All monks and nuns had to sign a loyalty pledge that they would not use their religious position to foment secession or dissent. And displaying photos of the Dalai Lama was illegal since he is still branded as a separatist by the governmenmt.

"Rather than finding Tibetan tradition being destroyed by Chinese", concludes Tyler Denison in his cultural research, titled "Reaffirmation of 'Ritual Cosmos': Tibetan Perceptions of Landscape and Socio-Economic Development in Southwest China", published in 2006, "I witnessed firsthand the importance of Kawa Karpo and the ritual cosmos in the lives of the Tibetans of Deqin county: it has not been diminished......."

Barry Sautman, associate professor of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in his study "Tibet and the (Mis-)Representation of Cultural Genocide, "Instruction in primary school is pretty universally in Tibetan. Chinese is bilingual from secondary school onward. All middle schools in the TAR also teach Tibetan. In Lhasa there are about equal time given to Chinese, Tibetan, and English". Being fluent in Chinese and English also broaden their future employment opportunities.

It is an extreme irony that Dalai Lama and exiles themselves abolished Tibetan and adopted English as the SOLE language in their schools, and only became bilingual in 1994. The Tibetan exiles leaders shed their own traditional culture, sends their children to expensive English boarding schools. As the Dalai Lama's authorised biographer, Roger Hicks, describes in details how Dalai Lama's younger generation has become largely "Cultural Genocided" by exiles themselves and the West.

Despite flaws, rights in China have expanded. A Pew Global Attitudes survey published in July 2008 found an astounding 86 % of Chinese were content with their country's direction, double the % in 2002. Only 23 % of Americans polled said they were satisfied in the same survey.

The West often view China through the prism of the Cultural Revolution and the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown and believes that the Chinese public is media manipulated through the information control by Beijing. If the Chinese had access to real facts, Westerners think, the public attitudes would be different. The reality is that some of the strongest anger toward the West is coming from liberal Western-educated Chinese intellectuals who have access to accurate information. All Chinese know their media is censored and do not trust it, the West believe their news is objective and end up being righteous while being manipulated.

Unlike in 1989, when Chinese all over the world, including scholars and students from the mainland, protested against the government Tiananmen massacre. This time, Chinese people have taken to streets in support of Beijing. After the Tibetan riot and the disruptions of Olympic torch relay, such rallies have taken places in many cities of Europe, US, and Canada . Many Westerners who still believe the new China is the same as the old, are utterly ignorant or ideological, perhaps both. Contrary to many who believe the Olympic is a government propaganda showcase, in reality, the ordinary Chinese enthusiastically support the Beijing Olympics. For the Chinese, the Olympic games is the realization of a dream deferred more than 100 years by the foreign powers' Colonial Invasion , Colonial Exploitation , Revolution , Chinese Civil War and nearly 30 years of the Mao's disastrous misrule.

However, after Mao's disastrous misrule, for the past 30 years, China has undergone dramatic changes, so is Tibet with its living standard being dramatically improved after Dalai Lama's slavery & serfdom era. As the Tibet historian A. Tom Grunfeld points out, "Tibet has roads, schools, hospitals, a burgeoning middle class, internet cafes, karaoke bars, discos, and some 100,000 tourists annually. Religion is widely practiced. There is a continue upsurge of practicing traditional arts, crafts, poetry and painting by the Tibetans benefited from the infrastructure and growing tourist visitors.

Giant injections of state capital in major infrastructure projects have been driving growth in Tibet in recent years, with GDP rising an average of 12% per annum. China government subsidies 75% of the TAR's GDP. New air and rail links made possible growth in needed tourism. Incomes have been rising for both rural and urban residents.

However, because Tibetans have already fallen so far behind because of the past serfdom and slavery system under Dalai Lama, the skills differentials has polarized Tibet's economy. While a minority of Tibetans have been rewarded with state jobs, the majority of Tibetans, who are poorly equipped to access new economic opportunities, have been marginalized. Even Tibetan employers in Lhasa and other Tibetan areas admitted that they hire non-Tibetans because they are more skilled and more willing to work regular hours. The managers cited Tibetans' dearth of skills, lack of experience in working fixed hours, and a cultural disposition not inclined to obediently comply.

Tibetans are being left behind by the rapid pace of economic development are complex, and do include cultural and language differences. Non-Tibetans have access to wider networks, capital and better information. But there is NO systematic discrimination of Tibetans by employers-in fact Tibetans are accorded preferential treatment in state jobs. The service industry leaders in Tibetan areas indicates that local employers (Tibetans and non-Tibetans alike) would happily hire Tibetans if they could do the job. Unfortunately, most Tibetans, especially rural Tibetans, simply do not meet employers' needs. The inequality is NOT just a Tibetan local problem, it is a national problem for the whole China's rural farmers being left behind which is closely linked to the skills demanded during economic development.

Contrary to widespread belief, the Chinese One-child policy is mainly legally applied to the Han enthic Chinese. The One-child policy does NOT apply to most of the rest 55 minorities enthic Chinese including the Tibetan. Tibetan families are allowed to have a maximum of 3-childs. If over, just pay a very small fines or may be denied some child services of which none were available under the Dalai Lama's serfdom system. However, the penalty is often NOT enforced. On the contrary, the Han Chinese families with more than one child always face much much harsher penalties. The unborn child is normally aborted by force. "Tibetan families in Tibet average 3.8 children, even larger than Tibetan families in India. In 1990 Tibetans were 95% of the Tibet's population. "There has been no dramatic change in the region's ethnic balance." said Barry Sautman.

In Chinese Tibet, there is now one monk or nun for every 35 Tibetans, "the highest of any Buddhist country... much higher than the relation of ministers and priests to parishioners in any Christian country in the world...."

More info: see PBS rational debate about Tibet.

In 1960s, Dalai Lama also forced hundreds of children to leave their parents and be adopted by foreign families, aimed to nurture talent for his "Tibet Independence" Movement. In 2013, the Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung published a story about how the Dalai Lama and Swiss businessman Charles Aeschimann arranged to take about 200 Tibetan children to Switzerland in the 1960s. The Dalai Lama told the Swiss public that the children were all orphans, but only 19 of them were. Some of the children were even forced to go to the Switzerland without their parents' knowledge, the newspaper reported.

In 2010, Maxime Vivas a French writer, conducted a truth-seeking trip to Tibet with several other French journalists. He documented the findings in his new book "Not So 'Zen': Dalai Lama" to disclose another side of the Dalai Lama deified by some Western politicians and armchair pundits.

Tibet is one of the 5 autonomous regions in China, i.e. the governor and most officials must be Tibetans. The life expectancy is now 65 almost double of 35 during the Slavery and Serfdom under Dalai Lama. The literacy has been raised from 5 % to 80 % by breaking the educational monopoly of Dalai Lama's monasteries. During Dalai Lama's era, the medical care served only the ruling classes, leaving the majority of serfs and slaves with little or no medical care. Now, free medical care is available. Taxes in Tibet are virtually nonexistent. Tibetan farmers, unlike Han Chinese farmers, receive tax-free leases of land. A preferential tax code and low-interest loans are available to Tibetans for their business. Tibetans are allowed to carry their traditional long fighting knife and were used in the last Tibetan riot. Education is either free or low fee including university and better funded than most Chinese schools. The Tibetans students, being one of the minorities ethnic Chinese, receive additional 15 points as bonus mark which is not available to any of the Han Chinese student in the China's gaokao - National College Entrance Examination, the most pressure-packed examination in the world for the universities.......etc.

For the criminals , with EXACTLY the SAME crimes , the minorities including Tibetans always receive much less convictions than the Han Chinese due to the official "Two Less , One More" policy , i.e. less arrest , less death penalties , more light conviction through forgiveness . But NONE is available to the majority Han Chinese.

Contrary to the widespread belief , China , in fact , is the ONLY country on Earth that legally "discriminates" the majority ethnic in order to protect the minority ethnics including the Tibetans and Uighurs .

This is "Reverse Discrimination". But the majority of the Hans are willing to put up with this unfairness if it means it will help bring peace and harmony among different groups. Despite the unfair policies, the Hans just work harder to ensure they can get ahead in life.

The contrast is much sharper, if compared with the treatments received by the native indians in US , the First Nation natives in Canada , the Gypsy in Europe , the aboriginals in Australia , the indigenous Anui in Japan.

The French senator Jean-Luc Melenchon, in an TV interview said, "It is unbelievable to see certain people who were arguing terribly about the separation of the church and the state, and find it is normal concerning Tibet.... We can't ask for universal rights and then find it normal to see theocracy in Tibet... They can even accept absurdity saying China invaded Tibet. The intervention of Chinese army was due to the Tibetan feudal lords refused to abolish the serfdom... There is NOT a single country in the world who recognizes Tibet (as a state)... Neither did Kosovo demand any independence, but it ended like this, with a US military base. So do not pretend to be naive ! and say that no geopolitical or geostrategic issues are behind this. People are manipulated ! We put forward the events in Tibet and we forget to mention that those incidents started with the Han businessmen massacred [by the Tibetans]......".

Far from being Tony Blair's 'good' war, the assault on Yugoslavia was: Kosovo and the myth of liberal intervention.

In 2009, Kosovo marks its first 'independence day'.

Contrary to widespread belief, the Dalai Lama does NOT represent all Tibetans. It is because Tibetan Buddhism has 4 main schools : Gelug , Nyingma , Sakya , Kagyu. The Dalai Lama belongs to the Gelug (Yellow Hat sect). Even within Gelug, he is only one of the 2 most respected "living budda", the another one is Panchen Lama. The Dalai Lama ONLY represent the Tibetans of North Central Tibet (centered with City of Lhasa), which is about 40 % of entire Tibetan population. In the other areas : the entire South Central Tibet (centered with City of Xigaze) worships Panchen Lama only. The Eastern Tibet only believes the NyingMa (the Red Hat sect). Therefore, the Dalai Lama does not represent all Tibetans.

In June 2008, in a meeting with members of the European Parliament, the Chinese Tibetologists were asked why the Dalai Lama is still branded as a separatist while he has repeatedly said he is seeking autonomy of Tibet, not independence, that has been well received across the world. However, very few people care to understand the true nature of Dalai Lama's autonomy, not independence, 'Middle-Way Approach' : In his books , he claims a "Grand Tibet" which double the size of current Tibet including areas in the neighbouring provinces where the Dalai Lamas had NEVER exerted any local political power in the past, roughly a quarter of China's territory . In 1987, speaking to the U.S. Congress, the Dalai Lama declared his "Five Point Peace Plan for Tibet" textually : "7.5 million settlers must leave". He has also demanded the withdrawal of Chinese troops from Tibetan populated areas, and the relocation of other ethnic groups which have been living there for hundreds of years. The same demand was also mentioned in his "Seven-Point New Suggestions" in 1988. He also asks for the rights to establish representatives in foreign countries . These autonomy proposals threaten China's sovereignty, said the researcher.

The issue with the Dalai Lama is not an ethnic, religious or cultural issue in the ordinary sense. He is not an ordinary simple religious figure. The current so-called Tibetan government in exile practices a theocratic rule with Dalai Lama acts as Tibetans' "god-king" by engaging in political activities.

Heinrich Harrer, the author of "Seven Years in Tibet" based on which produced a film by Hollywood, was a member of Nazi SS sent to Tibet by Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. The Dalai Lama invited this Nazi SS member to become his personal "mentor" and "teacher" from early age until the 50s, and was given a top post in the Dalai Lama government in exile. Dr. Bruno Beger, another member of Nazi SS who performed lethal medical racial experiments, was also given a top post in the Dalai Lama government in exile. Augusto Pinochet, supported and funded by CIA, the Butcher of Chile whom the Dalai Lama urged not to be sent to Spain for trial of his crimes against humanity. Details about Dala Lama & Nazi SS : 1 , 2 , 3 . . . Tibet: the Truth.

However, Heinrich Harrer, member of Nazi SS, did not paint a rosy picture about Tibet. In his world famous travelogue, Seven Years in Tibet, he writes : "The power of the monks in Tibet is unique and can only be compared to a strict dictatorship".

Dalai Lama declared himself an admirer of Mahatma Gandhi ' s Non-Violent Resistance. Gandhi sought to deter violence between ethnics by living among the Muslims and embarked on a hunger strike against violence. Gandhi starved himself nearly to death, only broke his fast as weeping rioters laid down their machetes at his feet. However, Dalai Lama has never really tried to use direct action to leverage his authority when there was violence in Tibet.

In Tibet, the climate conditions have made it impossible to become a vegetarian monk because the year-round agriculture for producing the vegetable is impossible. The solution was to rely upon a class of individuals to slaughter animals. So the re-interpretation of Buddha's teaching was that it was OK to eat meat if the animal wasn't killed directly for you. But today, the climate conditions are no longer the constraint because of the convinience of food transportation.

At Kalachakra for World Peace 2006, presided over by His Holiness. All the food served to the 200,000 people attending the ceremony was vegetarian. Dalai Lama made a speech in Tibetan criticized factory farming and meat consumption, and said : "If the human community is based on principles of peace, it will lessen the sufferings caused to millions and billions of animals .... are killed and they suffer so much."

Contrary to the widespread belief again, His Holiness himself is NOT a vegetarian. In 1995 Seattle public talk, Dalai Lama said he tried being a vegetarian all the time but found it too difficult and said he eats meat every other day. Dalai Lama now claims that he eats meat on his doctor's advice on liver complications from hepatitis. However, checking with other doctors but none agrees that meat consumption is necessary or even desirable for a damaged liver.

When he attended a state dinner hosted by French President Jacques Chirac, Dalai Lama refused the vegetarian meal and insisted to be served with braised calf's cheek and crayfish stuffed with shrimp, and said, "I'm a Tibetan monk, NOT a vegetarian". Many worldwide vegetarian and animal activitists have since petitioned His Holiness to convert to a vegetarian for the sake of Buddhism Compassion but are ignored by His Holiness.

Again another extreme irony : the Dalai Lama, a spiritual leader with Buddhism compassion refused to give up his meat eating habit , and was owner of numerous Slaves and Serfs , with Nazi SS as his personal "mentor" and "teacher" , together with the U.S. CIA, initiated a violent proxy War, was ironically awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 and nominated for the EU's Human Rights award in 2008 by diminishing the Nobel Peace Prize , Religion & Human Rights to dirty political tools.

For all the victimized Asian of Japan's brutal invasion during the 14 years of WWII, the contraversial Japanese militaristic Yasukuni Shinto Shrine is a symbol of Japan's failure as a nation to collectively face its past war responsibilities because it had also enshrined the 1,068 Japanese War Criminals including 14 Class-A War Criminals. In Nov 1980, Dalai Lama went to that Japan's militaristic Yasukuni shrine to pay his respect disgard Japanese war atrocities had caused at least 30 Millions death across Asia.

Dalai Lama is U.S.'s "Man of Peace" : In an interview, Dalai Lama said he was for Non-Violence "whenever possible", but WAR is justified at times. The particular wars that he thought okay were WWII and the U.S. war on Korea. He thinks the war on Vietnam started out right but ended up badly. Badly for whom, he doesn't say. He praised the U.S. War of Afghanistan calling U.S. bombing a "liberation" of the Afghans, invasion and occupation of Iraq War might be justified . In 2003, Dalai Lama says Terror may need a VIOLENT reply. Therefore, he was awarded with top U.S. Congress's Gold Medal by Bush in 2007.

Yet again another extreme irony, Dalai Lama himself is now being sued for repressing Tibetan's religious freedom as a "totalitarian dictator", rather than a reincarnation of the Buddha of Compassion. The lawsuit was initiated by the 13th Kundeling Rimpoche in the high court of Delhi in India in 2008 and their lawsuit petition again Dalai Lama. In Nottingham reported by BBC, Buddhists protested Dalai Lama's religious persecution of Dorje Shugden sect of Tibetan's Buddhism. Dalai Lama - Buddhist dictator and hypocrite. Swiss public televion: Oracle that helped Dalai Lama now banned by him. Part 1 . 2 . 3.

The temporal power struggle between Dalai Lama of the Gelugpa sect and the Shugden community actually goes back centuries in the old Tibet.

Since 1996, the Dalai Lama decreed that the worship of Dorje Shugden was 'evil' and issued a formal decree for everyone to stop practising the Dorje Shugden prayer. "In Britain and America, the Dalai Lama is a religious hero. But for many he is a religious dictator" said Kelsang Pema, a leading member of the Western Shugden Society, a group of Buddhists who worship the 'wisdom deity' Dorje Shugden, "Anyone who criticises the Dalai Lama is written off as a Chinese puppet". "Anyone who continued to follow Dorje Shugden got it in the neck" and were threatened, attacked, or home ransacked.

In 2008, the Dalai Lama issued a new proclamation requiring all Tibetans to sign a declaration forsaking the practice forever. Thousands of monks and nuns who refused to sign, were expelled from their monasteries and nunneries, forbidden to associate with other Tibetans. Dalai Lama has even gone on record as saying his own Spiritual Guide and his predecessors through the centuries were wrong, claiming that the Deity known as Dorje Shugden, was actually 'evil'. More details.

Monks vs. Monks : For decades until 1976 when he was 50, Dalai Lama himself included the 400-year-old Buddhist prayer Shugden in his daily prayers.

The Free Tibet Campaign former director Patrick French, writes "Cuddly Dalai Lama is our fantasy creation". Unfortunately, anything which criticizing or contradicting to the exile Tibetan community, regardless the historical truths or the reality of the past and current Tibet, lead not to a self-critical stance towards their own viewpoints, but rather one was insulted and thus considered to be prejudiced and denigrated as the Chinese propaganda, disregard the fact that Shangri-La exists only in the West's imagination.

June 11, 2008 . "The Dalai Lama has come to Australia to talk about love and compassion but he is not practising what he is preaching," said Kelsang Lhachog, many of them Buddhist monks and nuns chanting "Dalai Lama, Stop Lying" and "Give Religious Freedom" in Sydney, Australia. More details.

July 13, 2008 . Over 400 monks and nuns from 16 countries protest Dalai Lama at Lehigh University and Watch protest video. Those who practice Shugden were expelled and denied their jobs, children schools, medical care and some homes burnt.

July 18, 2008 . Dalai Lama supporters clash with Buddhist sect in New York.

July 20, 2008 . Dalai Lama's visit sparks monks protest in Philadelphia. Kelsang Pema, a spokeswoman for the Western Shugden Society, used the term "Hollywood Monk" in describing the Dalai Lama who is "fostering a campaign of intimidation, humiliation and ostracism" against Tibetans and religious freedom.

July 20, 2008 . 4-member Chinese Tibetologist delegation arrived in New York to promote understanding of Tibet issue, found that most people in US are so ignorant about Tibet. "Some legislators even haven't heard about the fact feudal serfdom once existed in Tibet" he said.

Nov 15, 2008 UK finally recognises Beijing's direct rule over Tibet.

The so-called "Free Tibet" "Human Rights" case is an EXACT COPY of the Iraq War :

Started in 2004, Brithish PM Tony Blair admitted that WMD which is vital to the case for the Iraq war, was wrong. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said that he hasn't seen "any strong, hard evidence" to link Saddam Hussein and the al-Qaeda terrorists who staged the 9/11 attacks . After years investigation, in 2016, UK report delivers crushing verdict on Blair & Iraq war. Victims' families :'Blair is world's worst terrorist' 1 . 2 . 3.

In 2004, a CIA report by US arms inspector of Iraq Survey Group in 1,000 pages concluded U.S. "Almost All Wrong" on Iraq's WMD Weapons.

Finally in 2005, after 2 years intensive search with 1,200 experts, U.S. finally quit the WMD search. Unfortunately, the WMD was the main reason for US to "pre-emptive" invade Iraq. End to search for WMD seals doubts about pre-emption. Later a new presidential commission reported, "We conclude that the intelligence community was dead wrong in almost ALL of its prewar judgments about Iraq's WMD".

The "Dead Wrong" on Iraq WMD completely destroyed U.S. credibility . How US was duped by Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi who let imagination run wild and admits to WMD lies.

In Apr. 2005 CIA final report: No WMD in Iraq: "After more than 18 months, the WMD investigation and debriefing of the WMD-related detainees has been exhausted" Mr Duelfer, head of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG), wrote in the 92-page addendum.

Again another extreme irony: Instead, US troops found and suffered from the remnants of long-abandoned Chemical Weapons built in close collaboration with the West. The US government withheld word about its discoveries. "I felt more like a guinea pig than a wounded soldier" said a former Army sergeant who suffered mustard burns in 2007 and was denied hospital treatment and medical evacuation to the US despite requests from his commander. Congress, too, was only partly informed, while troops and officers were instructed to be silent. "'Nothing of significance' is what I was ordered to say" said Jarrod Lampier, a recently retired Army major who was present for the largest chemical weapons discovery of the war: more than 2,400 nerve-agent rockets all built in close collaboration with the West unearthed in 2006 at a former Republican Guard compound. Jarrod L. Taylor, a former Army sergeant on hand for the destruction of mustard shells that burned two soldiers in his infantry company, "I love it when I hear: 'Oh there weren't any chemical weapons in Iraq' " he joked. "There were plenty."

Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the U.N. said, "It was not in conformity with the U.N. charter... From the charter point of view, it was illegal." The war was NOT approved by U.N. It was an illegal U.S. war.

In 2010, WikiLeaks released US classified military Iraq war documents about the hidden secrets of the U.S. government. The reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq with majority over 60% of deaths are civilian. Global support for WikiLeaks is "Rebellion" against U.S. Militarism . . US Quantum Insert malware . 2 . . US supplied cash, weapons & tanks to Al-Qaeda.

In 2013, Edward Snowden, a contract employee at the U.S. National Security Agency, has revealed that US NSA has hacked the computers in China and Hong Kong since 2009. For many years, the US has publicly supported the cause of Internet freedom and criticised other governments for conducting cyber attacks, surveillance and censorship. Ironicallly, through recent revelations, that the "US has been operating their own blanket surveillance systems and allegedly conducting cyber warfare against Hong Kong" and China. The extreme irony is that U.S. has long been trying to play innocent as a victim of cyberattacks, has turned out to be the biggest cyber villain. NSA secret group 'TAO' has hacked China for 15 years. Inside the NSA's ultra-secret China Hacking Group.

Snowden popped US consistent lies by revealing that US hacked into China mobile phone companies to access millions of text messages, US hacked into China's network backbones that route all of mainland China's Internet traffic, and US hacked into Hong Kong headquarters of Pacnet, which operates one of the Asia-Pacific region's largest fiber-optic networks. NSA extensively hacked China's Tsinghua University home to one of the China's six major backbone networks. NSA collects about 5 billion records/day worldwide by tapping into mobile cables . 2 . NSA targeted Chinese telecoms giant Huawei , and covertly implants interception tools in US servers heading overseas. NSA and GCHQ hacked into the world's largest sim card manufacturer, stealing encryption keys that gave the US the power to secretly monitor a large portion of the world's cellphone communications and would allow US to put an aerial up on the embassy in other countries and listen in to anyone's calls in the area. NSA and its allies planned to hijack data links to Google and Samsung app stores to infect smartphones with spyware . Smartphones can be hacked and taken over . FBI's claim it can't unlock the iPhone is 'bullshit' . CIA's global covert hacking program with malware arsenal and weaponized exploits "Zero-Day" for Smartphones, PCs, Cars, TVs turned into covert microphones!.

The extreme irony is that what US doing is exactly what US has consistently charged the China is doing, yet itself ironically has done much much worse. US disguises its own hacking to appear Russian, Chinese, Arabrc.

Revealed: US & tech companies inserted secret backdoors into commercial encryption hard/software . 2 . 3 . 4 . . . . NSA 'in bed' with most Western states . . . . Brazil looks to break from US-centric internet . 2 .3 . . . . Germany, Brazil, Mexico, France angered by NSA spying .2 .3 .4 .5 . . . NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief . . . Eavesdropped on last 3 French presidents . . . $10m NSA contract with security firm RSA led to encryption 'Back Door' . . . NSA's backdoor catalog exposed : 1 . 2 . NSA tool XKeyscore . . NSA 'cyber weapons' . . US prefers kill over capture despite claiming the opposite. US cyber attacked Iran : Stuxnet & Nitro Neus . 2 . 3 . NSA's role in 'WannaCry' computer ransom attack.

U.S. has been chastising China, declared that "countries or individuals that engage in cyber attacks should face consequences and international condemnation. Now, U.S. hypocrisy popped: For more than 60 years, the US leaded "Five Eyes" (i.e. US, U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand and later Singapore, S.Korea as key players spy-ring partners) have concealed their scope and extent of relentless global hacking and surveillance. US employs more than a thousand hackers , and hacked into and planted spyware on more than 50,000 computer networks worldwide , and implanted 'Sleeper cells' can be activated with a single push of a button , also hacked into high speed fibre optic cables at 20 locations worldwide . NSA and GCHQ target 'Leaky' smartphone Apps to scoop user data piggyback on commercial data. NSA hid spying software in hard drive firmware . Project X : TITANPOINTE.

Ironically, hypocriical US also spied on its own "Five Eyes" partners despite pledging not to spy on each other. NSA uses cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking . NSA taps & infects computers even when NOT connected to Internet . AT&T helped US spy on internet on a vast scale . NSA involved in Industrial Espionage , spying Copenhangen Climate Talks sparks anger . China demands halt to 'unscrupulous' US cyber-spying.

Snowden gains lots of global support, Snowden is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Read his Decoded NSA Files.

It was NOT until Martin Luther King who was intensively spied on by NSA, then the 1965 voting rights for the black-Americans, descendants of U.S. African slaves, were solidified in law.

Ironically, those in the West who obsess about "democracy", rarely if ever examine the dearth of " Democracy at the Global Level " e.g. the U.N. Security Council ( where Africans do not have a permanent seat and Asians are under-represented ) , or the World Bank ( where US nationals rule ) , or the International Monetary Fund ( the bailiwick of Western Europeans ).

In fact, the foundation of the wealth & prosperity of U.S. was NOT due to Democracy and Human Rights. U.S., many Europeans countries and Japan i.e. G8 became rich because they invaded others through wars, amassed wealth from their colonies or robbed the land from the real American - the Native Americans and started to call the place theirs. In fact, the "Colonial Terrorism" is the most significant criminal transfer of wealth event in our human history.

U.S. has a long history of initiating wars based on lies in the past 200 years . 2 . 3 under the same cover of "Human Rights" and "Democracy". Its most recent one : Lies to brainwash into a brutal Iraq War . 2 to influence and control oil and Middle-East, and indirectly created the ISIS Islamic State. DU is a chemically toxic and radioactive. US pressured WHO (World Health Organisation) to cover up US's DU nuclear nightmare in Iraq . 2. Documentary : The War you don't see . . We steal secrets . . the Power Of Nightmares . . . More than 13 years after the war, Iraq remains in chaos, 'I toppled Saddam's statue, now I want him back'.

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